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Discrimination is… Alive and Well

Due to the wonder that is WordPress one of our articles on privilege has been featured on a page that refutes the existence of white privilege.  Some quotes from the page state: ”

Not enough to lose hundreds of thousands of White boys and men during the Civil War … fighting and dying to free the frigging slaves.”

“Just look at the American government itself. Full of entitled Black politicians who look after themselves, and who play the slave “race card” at the drop of a hat.”

Naturally, we’re there because we steer against their views so it is very interesting to look at the arguments raised against the existence of privilege.

We’re down the bottom, in the ‘related articles’ section which actually features a list of any articles suggesting that white privilege exists.

The page is a huge example of the fact that discrimination is alive and well and will be here to stay. At least until we begin to understand what it is and how we can #wearitdown

View the page in question here.

If you have been speaking in a discriminatory manner, or are told by someone that you are, please remember that this should not be regarded as an attack. It is an attempt to educate. Discriminatory language wears everyone down, not only those in minority groups, because it prevents understanding and empathy. It’s time to switch things up and wear down discrimination itself. #WearItDown


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